2013 Polaris Industries 800 Pro-RMK® 163 White SC


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Polaris Industries
800 Pro-RMK® 163 White SC


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Comes with tunnel gas rack, tunnel bag and cover. In good shape


The sled that defined Flickable just redefined it. The 2013 Pro-RMK.

The sled that's built to perform. It responds quickly with ideal ergos and perfect balance. Back for 2013 with unmatched technology and weighing only 417 lbs, the Pro-RMK is built for domination.

What's New for 2013
  • QuickDrive™ Low Inertia Drive System
  • PowderTrac™ Running Boards
  • Carbon Fiber Overstructure
  • PRO-RIDE™ Chassis: World’s most advanced snowmobile chassis – light, rigid and perfectly balanced for precise handling even in the nastiest terrain.
  • QuickDrive - Low Inertia System: The QuickDrive Low Inertia System is designed to provide quicker acceleration and increased “flickability” through reduced rotating mass. Not simply a belt-drive, it is a complete lightweight drive system — featuring an extruded drive shaft, lightweight brake, RMK-specific brake caliper and of course the most visible piece of the system — a maintenance-free belt drive that requires no oil or tensioner system. Reduces rotational inertia by 21% which means 5lb. less effort when carving.
  • PowderTrac™ Running Boards: The new PowderTrac™ running boards have been developed for maximum snow clean out and maximum strength. Built from extruded aluminum with bonded cast lugs, they boast an open area of over 50% and integrated traction that is machined in for sure footed performance.
  • Pro Lite Seat: Mountain snowmobiling has changed and so has its seat. The RMK features a new seat design. Shorter by 5.5" allowing you to easily swing a leg from one side to the other —along with a 3.75" wider, flatter area for more comfortable seated riding.
  • Carbon Fiber Overstructure: Confidence comes standard. When you have a sled that responds to your every input, you’ve got a sled that you can trust. From technical tree riding to a demanding sidehill and turn out, the Pro-Ride chassis helps make you a better rider. Better weight transfer for Rider Active Control, and 300% more rigid chassis for more precise handling. Now with carbon fiber overstructure for reduced weight without compromising strength.
  • 800 Cleanfire® Engine: This liquid-cooled Cleanfire® engine with semi-direct injection (SDI) delivers outstanding throttle response and instant acceleration. These powerful, efficient engines produce the impressive power-to-weight ratios that deep snow riders demand. Cleanfire engines start easily and reliably and they calibrate automatically as the temperature and elevation change. These engines deliver impressive fuel economy in real-world riding situations, which, for Polaris riders, means aggressive, up-tempo riding, not low-rev lab conditions.
  • Adhesive bonded suspension components: By using technology to improve our manufacturing, we continue to build lighter, stronger sleds. For 2013, we've added Bonded Lower Control Arms featuring forged aluminum ends and steel tubing. This process makes for a set of control arms that are 2 lbs. lighter.
  • Raw Refined: The low-profile LED tailight, lightweight punched snow flap with hand access and carbon fiber bumper with extruded billet mounts add style and function. New, narrower tunnel cooling extrusions save weight.
  • ProTaper Bars: High-rise aluminum design and adjustable bar clamp creates an optimum riding position that can be tailored to your riding style. Bar hooks and race-style master cylinder round out the purpose-built controls.
  • Optional Security System: Prevents unauthorized driveaway of idling sled, and can be installed by dealer on sleds with Pro-Ride Gauge.
  • Walker Evans® Coil-Over Shocks: Pro-RMK shocks are a rebuildable, IFP, mono-tube design.
  • Coil-Over Rear Suspension: The heart of any mountain sled is the rear suspension. The RMK Coil-Over Rear Suspension is designed for better flotation and deep snow performance with improved on-trail ride. By eliminating the torsion springs and redesigning the torque arms, this skid weighs substantially less. In addition, it is tunable to the snow conditions. A simple turn of the spring preload adjustment allows you change your set-up from deep powder to crusted snow.
  • Estimated Dry Weight (lbs./kg.): 424 / 192.3
  • Overall Length (in./cm.): 134 / 340.4
  • Overall Width (in./cm.): 46.5 / 118.1
  • Overall Height (in./cm.): 51 / 129.5
  • Ski Center Distance (in./cm.): 39 - 40- 41 / 99.1 - 101.6 - 104.1
  • Fuel Capacity (gallons/liters): 11.5 / 43.5
Engine & Drivetrain
  • Engine Type/Cooling: Liberty / Liquid
  • Cylinders-Displacement (cc): 2 - 795
  • Bore x Stroke (mm): 85 x 70
  • Ignition: Digital CDI w/ TPS, WTS, DET
  • Exhaust: SC VES, Single
  • Fuel System: Cleanfire Injection
  • Disc Brake Type: Low Inertia Drive
  • Drive/Driven Clutch: P-85 / TEAM® LWT
  • Front Suspension: PRO-RIDE RMK Adjustable
  • Front Travel (in./cm.): 9 / 22.9
  • Front Shocks: Walker Evans®
  • Ski Type: Gripper
  • Rear Suspension: RMK Coil-Over
  • Rear Travel (in./cm.): 16 / 40.6
  • Front Track Shock: Walker Evans®
  • Rear Track Shock: Walker Evans®
  • Track (W x L x H in.): 15 x 163 x 2.4 Series 5.1
Additional Features
  • Steering: ProTaper®
  • Electric Start: Option / Accessory
  • Reverse: PERC
  • Speedometer: Digital MFD
  • Tachometer: Digital MFD
  • Security System: Option / Accessory
  • Fuel Gauge Type: Mechanical
  • Temp/Low Oil Light: Digital MFD
  • 12v Outlet: Accessory
  • Handlebar Hooks: Standard
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers: Std. Adjustable
  • Mirrors: Accessory
  • Seat Type: Pro Lite
  • Rear Rack / Tow Hitch: Accessory
  • Windshield: RMK Mid, White
  • Color / Graphics: White



Engine Type
795 cc
Bore x Stroke
85 x 70 mm
Engine Cooling
Cleanfire Injection
Digital CDI w/ TPS, WTS, DET
SC VES, Single


Brake Type
Low Inertia Drive
Drive Clutch
Driven Clutch


Front Suspension
PRO-RIDE RMK Adjustable
Front Travel
9 in. (22.9 cm)
Rear Suspension
RMK Coil-Over
Rear Travel
16 in. (40.6 cm)
Ski Type
Ski Stance
39 - 40- 41 in. (99.1 - 101.6 - 104.1 cm)
Track Type
Series 5.1
Track Dimensions
15 x 155 x 2.4 in.


Standard: Digital MFD
Standard: Digital MFD
Fuel Capacity
11.5 gal. (43.5 L)
Dry Weight
424 lb. (192.3 kg)
RMK Mid, White


Electric Start
Option / Accessory
Hand & Thumb Warmers
Standard Adjustable
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